What to Expect at Counseling & Psychological Services

First Contact

First Contact at Counseling & Psychological Services is through a walk-in appointment from 8:00am - 4:00pm Monday to Friday. Students are asked to complete paperwork and will meet briefly with a triage counselor. Currently, we are offering sessions through zoom and in-person, call our office to get connected today 850-644-TALK (8255).

This meeting is not a counseling session, but an opportunity for the triage counselor to learn about what brought you in to the center and determine your needs. The counselor will make a recommendation for on-campus or off-campus services; whatever is most appropriate for you.

Students are seen on a first come first serve basis. Wait times typically increase from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Follow-Up Appointments

Follow-up appointments are scheduled directly with your primary counselor. They can be contacted at 850-644-TALK (8255) to schedule/reschedule appointments. Completion of paperwork is required prior to all sessions. Please arrive early to ensure that you receive a full session.

Emergency/Crisis Appointments

Students in crisis, that are already in treatment, should first reach out to their primary counselor to schedule an immediate session. If unavailable, your counselor will direct you to initiate a triage appointment which will focus on ensuring your immediate safety.

Students in crisis that have never been seen will receive a triage appointment to assess needs, safety, and recommendations for next steps.

In case of Emergency, click here

Group Therapy

Group therapy is by referral only. All students are referred to group by their primary counselor. If you do not have a primary counselor and want to access our group therapy program, please initiate a triage appointment and speak with a triage counselor to receive services.


Early on in counseling, you will work on establishing goals for counseling. As therapeutic needs of students vary, you and your counselor will collaborate in making the best plan to meet your needs or to reach your goals.

The time you spend in counseling will consist of talking about your concerns. There will likely be some balance between talking about your present-day experiences and adjustments as well as discussing past experiences or situations in your life that have contributed to the challenges you currently face. The exact focus and balance of the counseling experience will depend on the issues you bring into therapy, your counselor’s perspective, and the preferences voiced over the course of therapy.

A successful counseling experience often has ups and downs. At times you will feel as if you are making rapid progress; at other times you may feel stuck. This is natural, but you can make important contributions to ensure the success of your counseling experience by being open and honest about your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. It is also important to prioritize your mental health, attend all scheduled appointments, and apply what you have learned between sessions.