At Counseling & Psychological Services your sessions and records are CONFIDENTIAL but there may be EXCEPTIONS. Clients and client information may be discussed by staff within Counseling & Psychological Services for treatment, administrative, supervisory, and training purposes. Release of information outside Counseling & Psychological Services requires your written permission with the following EXCEPTIONS:

  1. When there is clear and present danger to you or to others–includes potential suicide or homicide, as well as abuse of children, elderly, or disabled persons.
  2. When a patient is a minor or an incapacitated adult, we may release information to a parent or guardian.
  3. When a court order is received that orders the release of information
  4. PLEASE NOTE that we are required by law to report all cases of current abuse, abandonment, neglect, or exploitation of a child or vulnerable adult.  Past abuse must be reported when there is any possibility of current danger to any child, elderly or disabled person (e.g., a child lives with the abuser).
  5. We may be required to disclose your health information to authorized federal officials who are conducting national security and intelligence activities or providing protective services to the President or other important officials. By law we cannot reveal when we have disclosed such information to the government (e.g., Patriot Act).
  6. In the event of a fee for no show or late cancellation (after 12 pm on the prior business day) by an enrolled FSU student, information indicating that you were scheduled to receive services at Counseling & Psychological Services will be disclosed to Student Business for the purpose of collection. The charge will be posted to your student account as “CC Service Fee.” No sensitive client data will be disclosed.
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