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Topic Title & Link Compatibility
Addiction Recovery Recovery Key iPhone
Anxiety Stop Panic & Anxiety Self-Help Android
  Paced Breathing for Managing Anxiety Android
Depression QPR Android
  Positive Activity Jackpot Android
Eating Disorder Recovery Recovery Record iPhone, Android
Focus & Memory Lumosity Mobile iPhone
  Time Out Free iPhone
Meditation Headspace iPhone
  Stop, Breathe & Think iPhone
  Calm iPhone
Prescriptions Good Rx iPhone, Android
PTSD PTSD Coach iPhone, Android
Relationships td411 iPhone, Android
  Build Stronger Relationships Android
Sleep Sleep as Android Android
  Fabulous-Motivate Me Android
  Sleep Bot Tracker Log Android
  Smart Alarm Clock iPhone
Social Life Meetup Android
Stress T2 Mood Tracker iPhone, Android
  PTSD Coach iPhone, Android
  Breathe2Relax iPhone, Android
  The Worry Box Droid
  EFT Clinic iPhone
  GPS for the Soul iPhone
  Happify iPhone
Women’s Health Clue Period Tracker iPhone
Women’s Health Clue Period Tracker Android