RENEW Instructional Sessions


Counseling & Psychological Services peer education program, RENEW, provides individual instructional sessions to students. These sessions focus on learning and applying new skills in your everyday life. Details and topics for the instructional sessions are listed below.

To schedule an individual instructional session, please submit a request using the link below. After your responses have been submitted and reviewed, a RENEW peer educator will contact you within a week to schedule the session. Individual Instructional Sessions are staffed every Monday night during the Fall and Spring semester. In order for a request to be staffed at the Monday night meeting, it needs to be received by 12:00pm the day of.

Request an Individual Instructional Session

Individual Instructional Sessions (1 hour)

Adulting 101 (Stress Management)

Learn skills for managing daily life stressors such as establishing healthy coping skills, self-care, sleep hygiene, healthy exercise routine, budgeting, and basic nutrition tips.

Healthy Communication

Learn strategies to use for conflict resolution, initiating friendships, establishing healthy relationships, and assertive communication.

Life Transitions

Learn healthy skills to cope with life changes such as graduation and adjusting to college through identifying ways to get connected and establishing coping skills to help with change.


Learn strategies to develop a healthy self-identity, improve self-esteem, identify personal strengths, and establish healthy boundaries.

Study Skills

Learn strategies for increasing the effectiveness of your study time for exam preparation and establishing a helpful study routine.

Time Management

Learn strategies to increase productivity and enhance efficiency by establishing a schedule/routine, semester planning, prioritization, and saying “no” when needed.