RENEW Instructional Sessions

The University Counseling Center RENEW peer educators will provide instructional sessions, which focus on learning and applying new skills. Details of the instructional sessions are listed below. To schedule an individual session, please submit the individual request form and a RENEW peer educator will contact you to schedule the session.

Request an Individual Instructional Session

Individual Instructional Sessions

Time Management (1 hour)

In this individual session you will learn:

  • where those hours that “just slipped away” actually went
  • your personal style of accomplishing tasks and how to use it to work for you
  • specific tools for keeping track of the “big” and “small” picture of your life
  • how to create a schedule that keeps all areas of your life in healthy balance

Stress Management (1 hour)

In this individual session you will learn:

  • how to listen to your body – early signs of stress
  • strategies for “talking” yourself out of being so easily stressed
  • ways to decrease the number of stressors in your life – setting priorities
  • fun options for relaxing and re-energizing

Study Skills (1 hour)

In this individual session you will learn:

  • what areas of your current studying approach need to be strengthened
  • specific tips on taking notes in class and reading textbooks
  • how to design an exam plan (when to start preparing, how to prepare, what to do during an exam)
  • strategies for keeping calm during exams
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