Counseling & Psychological Services offers a variety of groups for undergraduate, graduate and professional school students each semester. While many of our groups run open-endedly, many of our offerings change semester to semester. The list below is a description of groups commonly offered and you should speak with your primary counselor about group if you are interested in participating in the group program.  

Membership in a group is by referral only. All students are referred to group by their primary counselor. If you do not have a primary counselor and want to access our group therapy program please walk-in Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm and speak with an on call counselor who will assist you in getting into group. Group counseling is a very effective and efficient way to deal with many of the concerns that face undergraduate, graduate and professional school students. Our group program is by referral only and all students in our groups have an assigned primary counselor. 

Groups typically offered:

Paper cut-out of people with a separated figureBuilding Social Confidence Group

For undergraduates and non-teaching graduate students facing anxiety in social situations.


Image of hands cupping a saplingUnderstanding Self and Others Group

For undergraduates who are interested in understanding relationships.


silhouette of human head showing an image of tree as a representation of the brainDBT Group

For undergraduate and non-teaching graduate students interested in learning mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and acceptance skills.


Image of paper cut-outs of people in a circleIssues with the Family

For undergraduate and non-teaching graduate students to address issues with the family of origin. 


Image of people cut-outs in a circleGraduate Student Relationship Group

For graduate students who wish to explore personal relationships.


Image of hands cupping a sapling Relationship Group

For undergraduate students to explore relationships and family relationships. 


Image of the dawn skyJourney to Healing Group

A healing group for undergraduate and graduate women who are survivors of sexual violence.


silhouette of two men in conversationMen’s Process Group

For graduate and non-traditional undergraduate male students interested in exploring their inner-self, being able to freely express their emotions and relating with other males in a healthy way. 


Women gripping hands in a circleEmpowering Young Women’s Group

For female undergraduates and non-teaching graduates age 18-25 to focus on family of origin and interactions with others.


Image of colored pencilsUnderstanding Self & Others with Art Therapy Group

For undergraduate students to explore relationships, family, and life transitions with art therapy.


Road sign with Empowerment written on the signBlack Student Empowerment Group

A safe space for undergraduate and non-teaching graduate students to discuss stressors such as academics, relationships, family, discrimination, incorporating essential elements of ethnic identity. 


Rainbow blocks of colorLGBTQ+ Group

For LGBTQ+ undergraduates and non-teaching graduate students who are interested in exploring relationship issues, life transitions, and decisions related to sexual orientation that could include religion and family, among other topics.


Image of colored pencils forming a heart symbolArt of Coping

For students who are in crisis or high distress that need to be quickly stabilized by teaching distress tolerance, creating safety plans, and/or engaging in chain analysis. 


Stack of rocks with a sky backgroundBody Wellness Group

Process group with use of art therapy for women, 18-25, interested in improving body image.


Image of people cut-outs in a circleGrief Group

For those who wish to grieve the loss of a loved one. 


Image of people cut-outs in a circleWomen’s Graduate Relationship Group

For graduate students who want to explore personal relationships. 


Group Resources

 American Group Psychotherapy Association: What is Group Therapy?

American Group Psychotherapy Association: Practice Guidelines

American Group Psychotherapy Association:  Ethics in Group Therapy

International Board for the Certification of Group Psychotherapy

American Psychological Association:  Society for Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy

Association for Specialists in Group Work

American Academy of Group Psychology

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