Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) offers a variety of groups for undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students each semester. While many of our groups run open-endedly, some of our offerings change from semester to semester.  Membership in a group is by referral only; all students in our groups have an assigned primary counselor at CAPS. Please speak with your primary counselor about group if you are interested in participating in a group.  If you do not have a primary counselor and are interested in our groups, please walk-in Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm and speak with a Triage clinician. Group counseling is a very effective and efficient way to deal with many of the concerns that face undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students. 

The list below is a description of groups commonly offered.

Groups typically offered:

Paper cut-out of people with a separated figureBuilding Social Confidence Group

For students facing anxiety in social situations.


Image of hands cupping a saplingUnderstanding Self and Others Group

Various groups offered for students who are interested in understanding relationships.


silhouette of human head showing an image of tree as a representation of the brainDBT Group

For undergraduate and non-teaching graduate students interested in learning mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and acceptance skills.


Image of paper cut-outs of people in a circleIssues with the Family

For undergraduate and non-teaching graduate students to address issues with the family of origin. 


Image of the dawn skyJourney to Healing Group

A healing group for undergraduate and graduate women who are survivors of sexual violence.


silhouette of two men in conversationMen’s Process Group

For graduate and non-traditional undergraduate male students interested in exploring their inner-self, being able to freely express their emotions and relating with other males in a healthy way. 


Women gripping hands in a circleEmpowering Young Women’s Group

For female students interested in exploring family of origin concerns and interactions with others.


Image of colored pencilsUnderstanding Self & Others with Art Therapy Group

For undergraduate students to explore relationships, family, and life transitions with art therapy.


Road sign with Empowerment written on the signBlack Student Empowerment Group

A safe space for undergraduate and non-teaching graduate students to discuss stressors such as academics, relationships, family, discrimination, incorporating essential elements of ethnic identity. 


Rainbow blocks of colorLGBTQ+ Empowerment Group

For LGBTQ+ students who are interested in exploring relationship issues, life transitions, and decisions related to sexual orientation that could include religion and family, among other topics.



Stack of rocks with a sky backgroundBody Wellness Group

A group for female students that are interested in improving body image with the use of art therapy.


Image of people cut-outs in a circleGrief Group

For those who wish to grieve the loss of a loved one.


Group Resources

 American Group Psychotherapy Association: What is Group Therapy?

American Group Psychotherapy Association: Practice Guidelines

American Group Psychotherapy Association:  Ethics in Group Therapy