Alcohol and Other Drug Services


Counseling & Psychological Services provides a wide array of Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) services. These range from information and referral services to comprehensive evaluations, treatment, and reentry services.

1. Alcohol and Other Drug Evaluation: Counseling & Psychological Services provides mandatory and voluntary evaluations for currently enrolled FSU students. There is no fee for these evaluations. FSU students interested in scheduling an evaluation should call 850-644-TALK (8255) and request an AOD evaluation.

  • What does the evaluation include?
    • The evaluation is completed in one session, with an invitation to continue therapy if desired. A comprehensive interview generally includes a review of the history of the client´s use of substances, health related questions, and family and personal history.
  • What happens after the evaluation?
    • Upon completion of the evaluation, results and recommendations are given to the student. Education about potential harmful consequences of continued substance use is part of the evaluation process.
  • Is therapy mandated?
    • Students may enroll in counseling but counseling cannot be mandated. The AOD evaluation may not be used for legal purposes, such as DUI charges or court-ordered treatment. A referral will be made for students with legal involvement.

2. Counseling: Individual counseling is offered to any currently enrolled FSU student who wishes to decrease or terminate their use of substances. Therapy follows a brief therapy outpatient model and students meet with the AOD counselor every two-three weeks. We offer general therapy groups that students may attend weekly, if appropriate.

3. Referral: If a student is in need of more intensive treatment, referrals may be made for medical detoxification, intensive outpatient, or residential treatment. The licensed clinicians are knowledgeable about community services and can assist with services outside of Tallahassee if needed.

4. Re-entry: If a student re-enters FSU, after attending an alcohol and/or drug treatment program, the AOD counselors can assist the student with a Relapse Prevention and Recovery program. Students will usually meet with the AOD counselor for individual sessions, and will attend local support groups. (Lists of self- help groups with times and locations are provided to students, upon request).

5. Emergency phone calls: The AOD counselors are available to assist parents, students, and faculty/administrators by phone about concerns related a student's use of substances. The concerned caller may leave a message if the AOD counselor is not available. If the student is eligible for services, we ask that the student contact Counseling & Psychological Services and schedule an appointment with one of the AOD counselors. Parents and university personnel may not schedule the appointment for the student. If the person is not eligible for services, referrals will be given by phone.

6. Triage: A student may come in for a triage screening by walking in on Monday- Friday 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. where they meet with a counselor to assess the student’s risks and needs. If deemed appropriate, a referral will be made to one of the AOD counselors. Depending on how urgent the needs are, an appointment will be scheduled as soon as is feasible.

7. Confidentiality and general information: General information about services at Counseling & Psychological Services and resources in the community will be given in person or by phone. Once a student becomes a client, confidentiality rules will apply. Communication by any of our staff with any third party regarding the client will require the student/client sign an authorization for this communication.

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