Psychology Residency in Health Service Psychology




The psychology residency program at the Florida State University (FSU) Counseling and Psychological Services (CAP)S) in Health Service Psychology provides the supervised clinical experience necessary for work in as an independent psychologist. The psychology residency program offers 2000 hours of supervised experience, with 900 of these hours including direct client contact to FSU students (e.g., individual and group therapy, assessment, crisis intervention, consultation). This experience is designed to provide the necessary postdoctoral supervised experience that is required for licensure as a psychologist in the state of Florida.



The Mentor-Apprenticeship Model is utilized by the training programs at CAPS, including the psychology residency program. This model is also used to guide the general work and professional development of all clinical staff at CAPS.



Application Process

For individuals interested in pursuing their residency at FSU CAPS apply for a psychologist staff position. These become available periodically each year. For questions please contact the Training Director.

Psychology Residency Coordinator: Annette Peters, Ph.D., CGP,